The French military is using LuxCarta to maintain its edge

Learn how LuxCarta BrightEarth helps the military’s geospatial mapping units produce some of the most advanced, detailed, and up-to-date maps of the entire planet.

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Security and defense organizations need superior geospatial intelligence to stay ahead of competitors and opponents. If you are looking to take your mapping activities to the next level, this case study will show you how it's done.


Download and learn how the French military is using LuxCarta's BrightEarth technology to automatically produce some of the most detailed, up-to-date, and complex geospatial maps of the entire planet. Find out how this is helping to speed up processes and give military planners and personnel better, more reliable information.


Read the case study to learn about compelling use cases for LuxCarta's BrightEarth, including:


In weapons systems


For training and simulations

During disaster response

For geo-intelligence purposes

You will learn how LuxCarta helps the French military's geospatial mapping units to benefit from deep learning, computational geometry, AI, and automatic texturing, among other advanced technologies.


Download the case study now, and see how your organization can gain the edge in geospatial mapping.

French Military Case Study

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